So after we had dried off from the caves we decided to head out into KL for a spot of dinner. We had a wander around towards the pertronas towers to see if we could get tickets but the ticket office was closed so we’ll have to go back tomorrow. In the end we ended up in an Italian restaurant. I know what you’re all thinking, we are in Malaysia and in an Italian but there is plenty of time for Asian food. The Italian restaurant was very tasty all washed down with a nice bottle of wine. Then on the way home we stopped in the hotel bar for a couple of cocktails. That is where the most awful experience in KL happened! I was casually sipping my drink and enjoying the nice complimentary snacks when I unknowingly picked up some sort of dried fish. As I started to crunch I realised very quickly that this was not something my taste buds liked. In fact I had to stop myself being sick it was so disgusting. This was the definite low point of the trip so far! Yuck!! 🙁