Our first full day in Kuala Lumpur saw us dragging ourselves out of bed after 14hours sleep (which still didn’t seem enough!) We were supposed to get up and head out early but with the need for sleep and the time difference we didn’t actually make it out the hotel until almost 2pm. We decided to head to the Batu Caves and jumped in a taxi outside the hotel. The journey took about half an hour all the time the sky was getting darker and darker.


It was raining lightly when we got out the taxi so we started our climb of the 272 steps. On the way up we came face to face with some macaque monkeys which were very cute, but are well known for trying to steal your food so we didn’t get too close. We were almost at the top when there was a big rumble of thunder and the heavens opened. Now those of you that know me well know I’m not the fittest of people and having to run up those last 30 or so steps almost killed me!

Once at the top we had a wander round the caves having a look at all the statues as the rain poured down above us. Luckily for us there was a little stall at the top selling umbrellas and ponchos. The guy who owned the stall couldn’t believe his luck with all this rain and everyone queuing to buy his overpriced merchandise! We hung about at the top for a bit hoping for the rain to ease but no such luck. So armed with our umbrellas and ponchos we braved the steps back down to the bottom, jumped in a taxi and headed back to the hotel.


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  1. Hey guys hope ya having fun!
    Weather looks great! It’s lovely here, forecast for next 2 weeks sunny/high 80’s.
    Love the shrink-wrapped look Al, bet Angelene couldn’t wait to get you back to the hotel room looking like that. She’s a lucky lady!
    Make sure you visit the Petronas Towers.
    Right of to the garden for more rays!! Laters!

  2. Hi you two,hope you are having a lovely time, no need to worry about Barney and Dolly
    they are over with Daniel and Hayley getting spoilt rotten, they met Scooby today Barney was ok but Dolly wasn’t impressed,anyway its all looking great where you are so i’m looking forward to catching up with you every day.xxx
    p. s. Alan is rocking that poncho look !!!

  3. Hi mum,
    Glad the dogs are ok. I knew that dolly would be trouble!! Off to the pool now so will update the blog later xxx

  4. Hi! So i get home from a hard day at work, switch on the computer looking forward to reading todays blog…..and nothing?? not impressed 🙁 Anyhoo, it looks like you’re having a great time, you’re certainly not wasting any time! Missing you lots xxx

  5. It’s dad here still peeing down the photos look great missing you both love dad xxx

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