Today we took a drive out to Oriental Village which is where the Cable Car is. To be honest I was quite up for this…….until i saw it. I don’t think I realised how high it actually was. I was a little nervous as we wandered round the village before going up, but as we were here I thought might as well give it a go. We got into one of the cars on our own which was nice but my stomach did go over as it pulled out the station as it sped up quite a bit. As we climbed higher and higher and the village got smaller it was quite unnerving.


Unfortunately it was a very hazy day so the views were not as good as they could have been. We could still see the beach below and the view across the mountains but on a clear day you are supposed to be able to see most of the island. As we neared the top the line we were traveling up became so steep I wondered how it was going to make it but thankfully it did.


We got out and had a wander around taking in the views we could see and of course stopping for an ice cream. We were now 700 meters above see level. Now we just had the journey back down to worry about. We climbed in the car and held our breath as the car went over the edge. God it was high!!!! It actually felt better coming down than going up and soon we were back on the ground. It was a good experience and I’m glad we did it. We then headed back to the hotel on the way taking in some of Langkawi’s wildlife. We saw buffalo, cows, a dog and her pups and a couple of monkeys lounging at the side of the road checking each other for fleas.


Once back at the hotel we headed for the pool to cool down and are now out having a curry before heading back to the hotel for an evening of traditional Malaysian dance and music. This will probably be our last post as tomorrow is our last full day so will mainly be spent lazing by the pool trying not to think about the 24 hour journey home eek!

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  1. Hello u 2 seen the pics and read the posts, it all looks fantastic wish we were there, love the picture of you Angie in the sea enjoy the rest of your honeymoon but look forward to seeing you both soon love dad xxxxxxx.
    hi mum here, loving reading the blog and seeing the pics, i bet the time is flying past now, you will soon be back in sunny Witham! but you will have the wedding pics to look forward to, saw the dogs Friday i’d love to say they are missing you but i think they are having to good a time with uncle Dan and auntie Hayley, and their new friend Scooby i was amazed at them both Barney seems like a different dog we are calling him Barney the brave now, anyway see you both Tuesday xxxxx

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