We spent ages looking at honeymoon destinations, we wanted the honeymoon to be somewhere special, somewhere that you wouldn’t go on a normal holiday so we ruled out Europe and started thinking about the Caribbean. We were going to go to Cuba, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and maybe Jamaica so that we could see a few different islands, the only problem was that Cuba can be a bit difficult to travel around and we wanted our honeymoon to be as easy as possible, plus flying in and out of Cuba is a bit difficult because America seem to restrict flights that have come from Cuba.

We thought about going to America, I really wanted to get a Mustang and drive from LA to Vegas, I fancied seeing some of Hollywood, the golden gate bridge and beverly hills. The only problem with America is that we’ve both been a few times before and that it didn’t seem special enough.

While we were thinking about destinations a lot of people were recommending Asia, a couple of friends had just headed out on their honeymoon to Vietnam, several people were trying to convince us to go to Thailand but Ang didn’t fancy it. Neither of us have been to Asia before, unless you count the 2 hours I spent in the airport at Kuala Lumpur on the way to Oz so we decided on Asia.

We didn’t just want to spend 2-3 weeks in one place so we wanted to find somewhere that we could move about, somewhere that had both city and beach resorts and somewhere that had plenty to do.

We decided on Malaysia and Borneo.

We found that Kuala Lumpur was a decent city break, theres the bird park, the Petronas Towers and the fantastic looking Batu Caves. This is where we’ll fly in to and then we’ll head on to Borneo, once there we’ll be visiting Turtle island, the Sepilok Rehabilatation Center for Orangutans, the Labuk bay Proboscis monkey sanctuary as well as many other nature reserves and things to see and do. After all that sight seeing we’ll be heading out to Langkawi, a beautiful beach resort where we’ll be topping up our tans and relaxing before heading home.

Don’t forget to keep popping back between July 15th and August 5th to see what we are up to and to get in contact with us while we are away.