Once we arrived at Treviso airport, we purchased a couple of bus tickets to take us to the island itself, unfortunately I’d bought the wrong ones so quickly had to get a refund and get the correct ones before our bus left.

We pulled up at Piazzala Roma about 45 minutes later, got off the bus and were immediately confused by the public transport system that we needed to use to get to our hotel, eventually we figured it out and got on the water bus.  Just as we were waiting to pull out we heard a crash, looked round and saw a water bus pulling up along side us, turns out we weren’t on the bus we were in the bus stop, after pushing our way on to the bus we began making our way up the canal heading for the Rialto bridge.

As we came up the canal Ang noticed a boat alongside us with a camera crew on it, she pointed out some Italian guy that’s made a couple of travel programs, she couldn’t remember his name and was trying to get me to figure out who it was, I didn’t know him, I did recognise Richard E Grant sat next to him though, Ang hadn’t spotted him.  The other chap was Francesco da Mosto.

After getting off at the Rialto bridge bus stop we started to follow the directions given to us by the hotel and immediately realised that finding the place wasn’t going to be easy, Venice is like a little maze, we were just meters away from our hotel and had no idea how to find it, after looking on the map for a while, walking up dead ends and finding ourselves back where we started a couple of times we eventually found it, got checked in, changed, downloaded a GPS venice map for the iPhone and headed back out.