Our long haul flights are with Qatar airways, we have a short stop at Doha both ways and the total travel time is around 16-17 hours.  Qatar are apparently a 5 Star airline, there are only 5 airlines that have the 5 star award so although we are still in cattle class, hopefully it’s going to be a good flight and if not the free alcohol should help to numb the pain.

The internal flights that take us from Kuala Lumpur to Borneo and Langkawi are with the less salubrious AirAsia, not flown with them before but they are 3 star rated which is slightly better than Ryanair (2 Star) and on a par with Easyjet so not expecting much.   So pleased to get these booked, now we know where we are going and what dates we are moving on we can start planning things to do in each location.