We are now fully booked, the hotels we’re staying in were thoroughly planned so that they are in good locations but decent quality too.  When we first arrive in Kuala Lumpur we will be staying at the Park Royal, this is right in the centre of KL, less than a mile from the Petronas towers and the city centre.ParkRoyal

Once we leave KL we go to Borneo where we’ll be staying at the Sabah hotel.  This is pretty much the only hotel in the area that we are staying in that has a pool and is of good quality so not much choice there.


Whilst in Borneo we have one night on Turtle Island but I’m not sure what the hotel is called there or what it’s like so you’ll have to wait till we are there to see and here about that.

From Borneo we go to Langkawi where we wanted to stay in the little huts on stilts that are out over the sea.  Sadly they wanted about £250 per night for those so we decided to go to the holiday villa instead.  It’s right on the beach so this will be our chance to relax and enjoy our final days before heading home.  Can’t wait.

holiday villa