Yesterday evening we left Kuala Lumpur and headed out to Sandakan, we were slightly alarmed by the smoke in the plane but quickly realised it was the air conditioning, never seen anything like it before.


After a turbulent 3 hour flight we arrived in Sandakan, within 30 minutes of arriving we were in a cab on our way to the hotel, within 2 minutes of being in that cab it started to absolutely chuck it down, when we arrived at our 70s hotel we checked in, had a drink in the bar and went to bed.

Early the next morning we went in to town to see what was there, we found a couple of bars and a lot of run down shops, there was a brand new mall that only opened 3 days ago but there was only about 4 shops in there, one of which was a supermarket, we stocked up on tiger beers and chocies and headed back to the hotel to sit round the pool for the afternoon.


I am currently waiting for the wife to finish blow drying her hair and then we are going out for dinner, looks like she might be a while. Oh well, at least there’s some decent scenery here in the rainforest.


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  1. Hi Alan and Angelene

    We hope you are having a fabulous time!!

    Enjoy your adventures, see you soon (“,)

    Shelly and Tom xxx

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