Today the husband and I (still sounds weird!) went to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre to see the Orangutans. It was a beautiful day, blue sky and the sun was shining. We arrived about half nine and entered the rain forest. Already the temperature was soaring and as we waited for the 10am feeding time we were melting. Then two orangutans arrived at the feeding platform for us to view. One was larger but seemed a little shy and spent most of his time with his back to us. The smaller one had more character and seemed to be showing off for the crowds. He was quite happy swinging above our heads every now and again nipping down to steal some food off the platform which the bigger one was not too happy about and kept trying to chase him away. I don’t think he was very keen to share his food.


Feeding lasted about half an hour and once the rangers had left the orangutans were scared off by about 30 macaque monkeys who wanted their share off the food. They were very mischievous and all over the place. Very entertaining to watch. It was a very memorable experience for both of us.


The rest of the day has been spent lounging round the pool, getting in and out every five minutes as its been so HOT! Then we went off to dinner to the English Tea Restaurant. This place was like going back in time. We had our own private table under a gazebo where they played 1940’s music. It was actually very relaxing as we had our meal and worked our way through a bottle of wine. All the time we were eating you could see the lightening lighting up the sky and hear the roles of thunder in the distance. Luckily We’d just walked home to the hotel when the torrential rain started. I am currently writing this in bed with the curtains wide open watching the storm through our massive windows.


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  1. Its sounds like you are having a lovely time, i am so jealous this is where Tibor and i wanted to go, but i am enjoying reading about all the things you are doing. xxx

  2. Looks like you’re having a great time, I hope you enjoy it! I love seeing what you are doing xx

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