The Anniversary

We woke up early on our anniversary all set to head out to the island of Murano for the day. It’s supposed to be beautiful there and you can see them blowing glass and making vases but after checking the weather and it forecast thunderstorms we decided to stay a little closer to the hotel […]

The Long Walk Round

Today we explored Venice, by explored I mean got lost, we first went to Piazza San Marco (St Marks Square) and then walked round the edge of the island to the North West but soon found ourselves in the side streets and not really knowing where we were,  We ended up walking through some of […]

First impressions of Venice

Once we arrived at Treviso airport, we purchased a couple of bus tickets to take us to the island itself, unfortunately I’d bought the wrong ones so quickly had to get a refund and get the correct ones before our bus left. We pulled up at Piazzala Roma about 45 minutes later, got off the bus […]