Petronas Towers

This morning we set our alarm for 7.15 so we could get to the Petronas Towers early enough to get tickets for today. We snoozed it a couple of times, course we did, we’re on holiday but still got there for about 9am and got tickets to go up at 1pm. Luckily there was an […]

2nd night quickie

So after we had dried off from the caves we decided to head out into KL for a spot of dinner. We had a wander around towards the pertronas towers to see if we could get tickets but the ticket office was closed so we’ll have to go back tomorrow. In the end we ended […]

Batu Caves

Our first full day in Kuala Lumpur saw us dragging ourselves out of bed after 14hours sleep (which still didn’t seem enough!) We were supposed to get up and head out early but with the need for sleep and the time difference we didn’t actually make it out the hotel until almost 2pm. We decided […]

We’ve arrived

After a very tiring flight we arrived in Doha airport and prepared for an even longer one to KL, luckily we’d booked the emergency exit seat so were able,to stretch out and sleep, for,about an hour in my case. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and spent an hour getting through passport control, once through we […]