Telaga Tujuh

Telaga Tujuh or 7 wells is a water fall near the cable car in Langkawi, we headed out early as we had to get the hire car back by 1pm and we didn’t know how far we would have to walk. When we got there we found that we had to walk up a very […]

Cable Car

Today we took a drive out to Oriental Village which is where the Cable Car is. To be honest I was quite up for this…….until i saw it. I don’t think I realised how high it actually was. I was a little nervous as we wandered round the village before going up, but as we […]


The day after going to Labuk bay we travelled from Sandakan to the island of Langkawi, this is the relaxing part of the honeymoon so we were just planning on sitting on the beach and swimming in the pool. Unfortunately as seems to be standard here, the second we got in a taxi it started […]