Telaga Tujuh or 7 wells is a water fall near the cable car in Langkawi, we headed out early as we had to get the hire car back by 1pm and we didn’t know how far we would have to walk.

When we got there we found that we had to walk up a very steep hill and then up some steps to get to the base of the water fall. It would be a bit of a walk in England but in 30+ degrees it was hard work. It was possible to continue on for another 15 minutes to get to the top but we didn’t have time and were in no state to keep going so we just went to the base.


Once we got there we realised it was worth the effort, it was a spectacular place with crystal clear water that we went for a paddle in. We tried to get some photos of just us having a paddle but every time we got in this Chinese family got in the way of our photos, we’re sure they spoke English and were doing it on purpose.


After we’d taken all the pictures we could of the Chinese family we headed back down, we were quite hot, in fact I was a bit of a sweaty mess so we stopped at a stall selling coconuts, we had been told previously that we should try a fresh coconut so we gave it a go. It was odd because neither the water nor the flesh tasted anything like you’d expect. It was really refreshing