Today we explored Venice, by explored I mean got lost, we first went to Piazza San Marco (St Marks Square) and then walked round the edge of the island to the North West but soon found ourselves in the side streets and not really knowing where we were,  We ended up walking through some of the Castello region and then in to the Canneregio region, we walked down the main street checking out all the restaurants to find somewhere to eat later.

We walked for hours admiring all the buildings and taking short trips down side streets only to have to come back when it turned into a dead end.

We ended up walking so far that we came to Ferrovia and crossed the bridge into the Santa Croce region, this is where the best part of the trip happened.  As we were coming down the bridge, Ang said, careful on these steps, the edge is slippery and then two steps later her legs went from under her and she bounced on her bum.  The timing was worthy of Chaplin, it was fantastic.

After crossing the bridge we realised that we were heading back towards San Polo and the Rialto bridge which was close to where we were staying so we decided to stop for a drink and then head back away from our area into the dorsoduro region, this seemed to be the artistic area of Venice, there were lots of galleries and a chap playing a harp-guitar.

We were starting to get tired after all our walking so once again stopped for a drink, this time right underneath the Ponte dell’Accademia bridge, this is where the main image was taken from and it looks out towards Piazza San Marco which brings us right back home.

I’ve since worked out that we walked around 5 miles, which is quite a distance in 30°c and flip flops, needless to say we collapsed on the bed when we got back, had a nap and then went back to Canneregio and had dinner, I got bitten about 8 times and Ang got bitten approximately zero times before going home, sticking the air-con on and going to sleep.