After a very tiring flight we arrived in Doha airport and prepared for an even longer one to KL, luckily we’d booked the emergency exit seat so were able,to stretch out and sleep, for,about an hour in my case.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and spent an hour getting through passport control, once through we got our taxi that was booked for Mr Alan Lamb and Mr Angelene O’Brien and headed out in to the clouds, 10 minutes into the journey the rain lashed down and we could barely see the cars around us 15 minutes later and it had stopped, not only that we were clearly getting close as we could see the sky needle poking through the clouds.

We arrived at the hotel at about 5pm and went straight out for a wander, found a nice bar for a quiet beer and then went to Jalan Alore, where all the street restaurants are for our dinner.


We ordered way too much but we did our best to get through it, it was a bit tricky to eat where they’d just hacked everything to pieces with a clever which left little bits of bone all over the place but the Thai style chicken was gorgeous.

Feeling quite tired after the meal we went back to the hotel and slept for 14 hours.